The initiators and partners in Gate terminal are N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (Gasunie) and Koninklijke Vopak N.V. (Vopak). Gate terminal is the first LNG import terminal in the Netherlands. It is be built on Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. The partnership between Vopak N.V. and N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, dating from 25 April 2005, represents a unique combination of expertise and experience. It forms a solid foundation for a successful project that will play a major role in the future supply and operational security of both suppliers of LNG and consumers of natural gas.

LNG expertise in every area

N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie and Vopak N.V. together have the expertise necessary to operate an LNG import terminal in the Netherlands. They have a wealth of experience in running independent terminals, tanker and cargo handling, efficient multi-customer stock management, LNG storage, LNG regasification into natural gas, gas quality monitoring and safe and efficient connection to the domestic gas transmission network. Gasunie has 30 years’ experience operating a peakshaver on the Maasvlakte for the storage of LNG and its conversion into natural gas. During periods of peak demand in the winter, the peakshaver secures gas supplies in the west of the Netherlands by injecting natural gas into the national network.

Koninklijke Vopak N.V.

Royal Vopak is the world’s largest independent tank storage service provider by capacity, specialized in storing and handling of oil products, liquid chemicals, gases, biofuels and vegetable oils. Headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Vopak operates 85 terminals in 31 countries, with a combined storage capacity of more than 30 million cbm. Our terminals are strategically located along the major shipping routes. The majority of our customers are active in the chemical and oil business; the products we store on their behalf are used in a broad range of related industries. The nature of the business requires a long-term investment in strategic locations. For this reason, Vopak invests in long-standing relationships with customers, business partners, governments, shareholders, other financial partners and employees. With a market capitalization of 6.8 billion euro, the company’s annual turnover is EUR 1.3 billion (2012). The company is listed on the Amsterdam NYSE Euronext and is a constituent of the Amsterdam Midkap Index (AMX). Including our joint ventures, we employ an international workforce of more than 6,000 people. All projects currently under construction will add 5.2 million cbm of storage capacity in the period up to and including 2015.

N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

Gasunie is a gas infrastructure and gas transmission company with a prominent position in Europe. The total length of its pipeline network in the Netherlands and Germany comes to more than 15,000 kilometers and, with an annual throughput of almost 125 billion cubic meters, it ranks as one of the most extensive high pressure networks in Europe. Gasunie operates and develops the Dutch national gas transmission network and offers transmission services. Since 1 July 2008 Gasunie also owns the network of the former gas transport division of BEB and EMFG in Germany, which is now functioning under the name Gasunie Deutschland. Gasunie also offers other services within the scope of gas infrastructure. Gasunie carries out all these activities in a safe, efficient, profitable and sustainable manner. In doing so it also serves the public interest.