Primary Market

11,1 out of the 12 BCMA of the terminal’s capacity is contracted. There is 0,9 BCMA left for sale, consisting of 13,5 berthing slots, 40.500 m3 of storage entitlements and 103.500 m3(n)/hr of Gas Delivery rights. The 0,9 BCMA is availble until 1 Oct 2019, after that 1 BCM becomes available. Primary capacity also includes an additional 4 BCMA subject to realization of the 4th tank. For further information on available services and capacities, please consult Gate. Assignment of primary capacity will be done on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

Secondary Market

Services related to the secondary capacity of the terminal can be achieved only by permitted transferees (PT), who have agreed a throughput agreement with Gate terminal B.V. and is transferred from an existing customer at Gate. This can be a single slot (Use It Or Lose It slot), or other capacity.

UIOLI Procedure

Gate will publish the UIOLI-slots on the EBB on behalf of the current Capacity User earliest 30 days before the relevant arrival window starts. Registered users (RU) that are interested in such a UIOLI slot, contact the customer offering that slot and agree on the terms and conditions for that slot. After agreement, the RU must have the status of a PT in order to be able to use the UIOLI slot. A PT complies with all requirements as further detailed in the General Terms and Conditions. Gate is involved in this transaction, since the invoice on the UIOLI slot will have to be paid to Gate.

In case the transaction is completed, the UIOLI customer is entitled to a berthing slot on the specified scheduled arrival window (SAW), storage capacity for a pre-determined period and gas delivery rights during a pre-determined period. This process is supported by an IT platform called Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB). Access to this system is given to registered users.


Existing customers may transfer the whole (an entire transfer) or a part (a partial transfer) of their contracted capacity at the terminal to another customer or to a Permitted Transferee. In the terminal’s Customer Operating Manual, the COM, this whole procedure is further detailed. Gate will be involved in this and the invoice will have to be paid to Gate.